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Inspirational Story of a Mama's Struggle

Not enough time in an hour to remember and tell stories. It takes a long time to turn backwards, it takes inner strength to keep these fingers strong to write. Exactly 31 years ago, when I was even 7 days old. the house we occupied suddenly caught fire. Mama shouted hysterically because I was still red locked in the house. Papa then ran into the house to save me. Alhamdulillah, there was no scuff at all, but daddy got burns. According to the story of mama every year the number 7 houses often burns, if the house next to our house is also built. Because someone said that the house next to a fireball resides. that's the cause of the fire in the house. Don't stop there, when you open a small workshop. we also stayed in the workshop, and my brother who lived along with me also lived there. a small pile made of half concrete and half bamboo which is covered with sago palm leaves. In short, my sister fell asleep because she was tired, she didn't realize that the blanket she was wearing fell on an insect repellent. As a result there was another fire in a business that had just been pioneered. at that time I was 11 years old.    Mom panicked, then mama told me to collect items that were considered important. but I can only cry in fear, flustered running away running here. Many people who helped extinguish the fire, but many also took the opportunity in the tightness. The four chicken-shaped piggy bank were taken away by people. I remember and remember the face of that person very much, but I never said it. The next day we scavenge from the rest of the fire, maybe there is still something that can be taken. But the reality is none is left, everything is sold out.

8 years after the incident Where in the long term for 8 years the father worked hard, opened the workshop again, joined a small business and was cooled down by working on the oil palm fields. yes, the name of the oil palm field must wait a long time to harvest. But Alhamdulillah Papa's business is smooth, arguably a little success. but there are just a few snipers approaching. They were able to use our workshop, until our workshop was quiet as quiet as possible. That afternoon it was raining so hard, I usually was young. still like to shower in the rain, fad I approached our oil stall. I then pulled out the small grasses near the stall. suddenly my eyes were fixed on the white package. Then I call mama, Ma, look at this, what's this? Astagfirullah ... mama immediately stopped when I handed the package. It turned out that it was a spell sent by that person. That night we gathered in a room. Papa opened the conversation This is how else ma, do we have to move again? How come we are badly affected everywhere, papa said. Mamapun immediately answered, if it feels like it's not suitable, then we will move it. while we want to try God surely gives the way. Don't bring bad words, it's not good, bro. We pray well, bro, said Mama. Finally we also moved again, but not far from the old place. There daddy opens a business again, starting over again. collect more capital, borrow there borrow here. many refused, but eventually got loans from papa business partners. After a few months, daddy went to shop for shopping needs. because it happened that the contents of the workshop were almost gone and daddy had also collected a little money from the profits that had been sold. Arriving on the trip the car that was stopped stopped. The driver of the car said that the tire was leaking. then papa come down while saying, let me just check. Okay sir, replied Sisopir. Papa then checks the tires of the car and one. When daddy was behind the car, suddenly a pic-up car hit the papa from behind. the pic up car was driven by two drunk policemen.1 the policeman was killed in the car and Papa  also died on the spot

From the tragedy, the exam was again approaching mama. The money that papa entrusted to someone is just eaten. During the 3 months my mother was sick, her usual fat body became thin. every night I listened to her voice moaning, holding back sobs. I can't bear to see mama's condition, I quietly say 'Ma ... this world doesn't rotate there. Mama cried and sobbed and entered the room. Since that day mama returned to work, sending 3 younger brothers to school. Smentara I who was married did not help much. Sometimes I still depend on mommy too, because my initial marriage conditions are not good. Mama succeeded in educating and financing my three siblings. Until God destined for another, a great earthquake destroyed the building, including our last house, which was built by the father. Mamapun wailed again "O Allah ... my husband just made the last year you took, now we have to live where. Mama said while crying. Mama is back in sadness, she keeps on crying. Until I speak again. Never mind, ma ... it's not just us, many people out there are more severe and difficult than us. Mamapun finally understood, and Mama tried to calm down again. It was time for Mama to start with a hassle. when my siblings started entering junior high school and my elder brother entered high school. But thank God, you have a rich brother. They often help mommy, sometimes giving my sisters snacks. The last semester for my elder brother, he experienced pain. a diagnosis from the doctor, my oldest sister contracted lymph. When I want the final test, the eldest brother can no longer take the exam. because he was no longer strong with his body getting thinner. At that time I was in the front, I was told that my sister had been hospitalized again. he did not only experience lymph nodes, it turns out he also suffered from lung cancer. said the doctor, it was only a miracle that could change. even if it survived, the mother could not be married. because he can't work, said the doctor again. Mama can only cry at that time

Dika had a coma, because I heard that I wanted to go home. But umi mama's sister forbid, because the word umi was already awake again. When I started eating and smiling. After a few minutes I was told again, that she had left. Unable to say again, the floor was not felt, the air was pouring down. I imagined mama, how was Mom destroyed. I feel it, yeah I know what it's like to lose a child. Because 8 months ago before my sister was summoned by God, my son had also been facing God ... The party came, I rushed to the terminal. Because if the night bus from Bengkulu Kepadang does not exist. Departing at 12 noon the next day at 5 am until the city of Padang. When I arrived in Padang, I did not see a car that could be boarded to the village where I was born. I was forced to ride a motorcycle taxi, because I brought my children, I was forced to take two motorbike taxi drivers. Until I arrived at the village I got off the motorbike, the motorcycle taxi driver asked to be paid 200,000 thousand. Yes, God is expensive, bro, it can't be 100 pounds. It was cheap Miss, replied the motorcycle taxi driver. I was forced to pay for it, because I wanted to rush into the house. I saw my kaka-brothers gathering, they still talked about Dika's departure. Can't stand the taste, I cried real. Then mama's voice, don't cry. Later your sister isn't calm there. I tried to hold back my tears, but whatever the power. because I didn't see my sister's body my cry was getting stronger, until I didn't know what happened after that. Apparently I fainted  Later that night Mom told me when the last seconds of my breath were exhaled.      that day your sister smiled, then she looked left and right. maybe he is looking for you. then in every corner of his eye, he shed tears. Then he left calmly, mama didn't see your sister in pain, mama said. Another cry broke out that night, but I didn't see tears in my eyes. Then Mama continued her words.

Mama is okay, mom is already sincere. There is nothing more to cry for, mom is immune to this reality. I also muttered to myself, it turned out that mom had started to know the meaning of patience and excitement. That's just the prejudice of my heart, because midnight I listen to Mama's voice crying again. Yeah ... that's my mother, she is a mother who looks tough when viewed. but the truth is brittle mom inside. I don't know when I will test for my mom, because until now my mom has not been resting on enjoying her old days. Mom is still thinking of two of my younger siblings who haven't worked until now. Mom slogan argued that she didn't want to lie in bed at home, later she would get sick, Mama said. If it's Mama's choice, I can't say anything more. But it's really mama's choice, then don't blame us. I asked again.  Yes, it's better to stay in the village, to meet always with friends. Can clean around the graves of your daddy and brother ... mama replied. And if you die later, you don't need to bother with ambulance anymore. Mama said jokingly, then ngeloyor went to the kitchen. But we as children, let alone stay migrated. if you hear the news of parents, just a normal fever, the mind has gone everywhere. Come here, leave work, stay with me. I want to take care of mom like a mother takes care of me when I was a child. until I grow up, and now I've also become a mother. I also want to be loved by my children, like I love you mom..

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