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Selling prices of Cemani Chicken in Indonesia are very expensive? This is the reason

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Who has never heard of the name Ayam Cemani? This type of poultry is indeed quite popularly known by the people of Indonesia, especially for those who like to raise animals. How not, Chicken Cemani is one type of poultry that has an exorbitant selling price. For one adult, Cemani Chicken can be priced at 25 million Rupiah. No doubt many people feel surprised and amazed at the selling price of the chicken which is identical to this jet black color. What is it that makes people willing to spend deeply to buy this chicken?

In fact, chicken which is also known as Kedu Chicken is not only popular in Indonesia, but in several other countries, such as India, and even the United States. In India, Chicken Cemani is not only used as a pet collection, but also as a culinary dish. The reason is because the meat is black and has low levels of fat and cholesterol. Even so, compared to the two countries, only Indonesia sells Chicken Cemani with prices up to tens of millions. Curious about the cause? Come, see why the selling price of Chicken Cemani is very expensive in Indonesia below.

Chicken Cemani is a rare type of poultry Compared to other types of poultry, Cemani Chicken is included in the rare category. Not only in Indonesia, in various other parts of the world also the number of chickens is not too much. This is why the selling price of black chicken is very expensive in the market. There is no specific information about the number of chickens in the whole world. However, based on available estimates, the number of Cemani Chickens in the world was only less than 3,500 in 2020. The population is certainly not proportional to the number of broiler chickens, which number in the billions.

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It has become a basic science in business if the stock cannot meet market demand, then the selling price will also be as high as the sky. Plus the demand is as if there is never ceasing from consumers. It is not impossible that the selling price will skyrocket in the future. Therefore, many Chicken Cemani lovers are willing to pay dearly to buy this type of poultry. Still doubt whether this type of chicken is worth buying for tens of millions?

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Legendary Majapahit and Cemani

It's been legendary since the Majapahit Kingdom The existence of Cemani Chicken is indeed rare, even in the world. However, why does the selling price of poultry soar exceed that of overseas markets? Apparently, one reason is the existence of a legend that has long lived and spread since the days of Majapahit. Indonesian people believe that this chicken has become the pet of a powerful hermit at that time, namely Ki Ageng Mangkuhan. Initially, Ayam Cemani that was raised by Ki Ageng Mangkuhan was not completely jet black like it is today.

However, when the ascetic seeks to cultivate it, the Cemani Chicken which he mates with the same type gives birth to a chicken with a completely black color. Then the appearance of Ki Ageng Mangkuhan's chicken looked like the existing Cemani Chicken. According to legend, Ki Ageng Mangkuhan tried to preserve this chicken because it was believed to be a medicine. That is why in Indonesia this poultry has a much higher price than other countries.

Because of its jet black color, the chicken was given the nickname as Cemani Chicken. Which in Sanskrit, the word Cemani has a meaning as black. So, it's clear the origin of why this chicken is called Cemani Chicken is also widely hunted by the people of Indonesia with exorbitant prices.

The Mystical Behind 

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the existence of Cemani Chicken Not enough legend in the Majapahit era, Chicken Cemani is also surrounded by mystical myths because of its unique color. This chicken is believed to be a mystical chicken because it is often used as a condition in rituals performed by Javanese people. In some kejawen rituals, black chicken must be prepared to enliven the event. According to this belief, there are three types of Chicken Cemani namely Warastratama, Widitra, and Kaikayi. The three types of chicken are believed to be able to resist all bad magic, reinforcements, and also other supernatural things.

Some traditional ceremonies also use this type of Chicken Cemani in celebration. Therefore, it is not surprising why this chicken is sought after and valued very expensive in the market.

Trusted as Hockey Bearer Chicken

for the Owner Not finished with the beliefs about Ayam Cemani, there are not a few Indonesians who consider this animal to bring a good case for its keepers. This is suspected by the myth that Chicken Cemani is able to provide good fortune, abundant fortune and make a business forward if maintained properly. Knowing these myths, it is not surprising that many people are competing to hunt these chickens. With reasons to simplify life, launch a business, provide peace, and improve hockey, it is natural that these chicken seekers are willing to pay dearly per tail. Because of the many Indonesians who believe in myths and beliefs like this, the price of Chicken Cemani is much more expensive than India and the United States. Although in these two countries, Chicken Cemani is also sought after, the selling price is still far below Indonesia, which in fact is not very economic.

So, it is natural that many people are surprised to see the selling price of this type of poultry in Indonesia. Selling prices of Cemani Chicken in the

Indonesian Market Had 

discussed earlier if Chicken Cemani has a price much more expensive than other types of poultry. In normal conditions only Cemani Chicken can penetrate the price of at least 25 million Rupiah per head that has entered adulthood. Based on information circulating in cyberspace, the cheapest adult Cemani Chicken prices are in the range of 25 million Rupiah. Meanwhile, the most expensive priced at 40 million rupiah.

It's amazing that many people are willing to spend that deep just for this black chicken.